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Welcome to Manna LaDroit's Due South page. Here you'll find some stories and some parodies and some pictures and some links, and it's all Benny/Ray!

Warning: My fic is NC-17 for m/m sex, and I only write about the One True Ray. If that's not your bag, that's fine. :-) But you won't find much here to interest you.

TRUE SOUTH the zine is available here.


My Fanfic

The Fifty-Second Territory
This is FINALLY done!
This is an NC-17, stand-alone story where the guys go undercover over the sea.



The Fan, Part I
The Fan, Part II

This is an NC-17 m/m story with Fraser and Vecchio, whose friendship is threatened by accusation.

This is an NC-17 (though a very soft one) stand-alone story.
The boys realize they might be throwing something precious away and decide to talk about it.


Cool pic of the bookcoverThe Cabin, Part I
The Cabin, Part II
This is an NC-17 m/m story with Fraser and Vecchio,
a sequel to "The Fan."


This is an NC-17 stand-alone story. Fraser's life is threatened by a bizarre condition.



Lovely bookcover!The Family, Part 1
The Family, Part 2
This is an NC-17 m/m story with Fraser and Vecchio, a sequel to "The Cabin." This story might be messed with later, but for now, consider it finished.

Siren Song
This is a PG (gasp!) story, AU, and the first in a possible series.
Ray Vecchio travels north to collect his thoughts and ends up making some most unlikely friends.

Cool pic of the bookcoverFinal Project
This is a first-time, stand-alone NC-17 story with Fraser and Vecchio. Benny decides a few art classes will help him refine his techniques.



Siren's Second Verse
The sequel to Siren Song. NC-17 (I think), AU, m/m. Ray's life has been changed by his chance meeting in Nova Scotia.




by Voyagerbabe
This is a lovely coda to my story, "Final Project."




Cool pic of the bookcoverFlashpoint
Remember "Flashback?" Well, what if it had happened just a little differently? NC-17, stand-alone.




Cool pic of the bookcoverDead Wrong, Part 1
Dead Wrong, Part 2
Dead Wrong, Part 3

This is a first-time, stand-alone NC-17 story with Fraser and Vecchio. After a momentous change in their...lives, Benny and Ray have to reach a new understanding.


Cool bookcover!The Truth Will Out
A first-time stand-alone story, NC-17. Another Bolt family member is questioning Fraser and Vecchio.



This is a really, really silly story I wrote in response to some jokes we were making on RF about how to stimulate a gnat.



Cool pic of the bookcoverDouble or Nothing
This is a first-time, stand-alone NC-17 story with Fraser and Vecchio. Benny has a secret he's keeping from Ray...but can't keep from those who understand how he feels.

How You See Me, Part 1
How You See Me, Part 2
How You See Me, Part 3
This is a first-time, stand-alone story, rated NC-17. Ray and Benny attempt to help each other with some major personal issues.

RR Fanfic

What Dreams May Come...
Manna LaDroit, SandyR, Vicki, Birgitt, Courser, and Ro.
Ray and Benny must get together, or things upstairs just aren't going to work out!

Due South Park
Chicagonian Town
Mountie Fukka
Oh, Eh?
Blame Canada (nominated for an Oscar!)
Ben's Boss is a Bitch
What Would Robert Fraser Do?
Up There
La Pasta Fagiole
I Can Slash
Thank You Kindly (Big Gay Ben's Song)


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Top Reasons Why Ray and Benny
Would Love New Orleans

Not a story, just a list, for laughs.




Ray's Face (YUM)
Smaller Version
Ray Straddling the Potted Plant
Smaller Version
Benny Giving You the Eye
Smaller Version
Ray and Benny (sweet!)
Smaller Version
Ray and Benny Kissing! (sort of)
Paul Gross in Leather
Holding Beauty (scroll down)


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