Mountie Fukka

Ray Kowalski:
Shut your Dago face, Mountie fukka!
We all know you fuck your Mountie, Mountie fukka!
You fuck from the front, and behind!
We knew you were a fucker, but not that kind!

Ray Vecchio:
Shut YOUR Polock face, Mountie fukka!
You're the one who fucks a Mountie, Mountie fukka!
In the backseat of your GTO,
You've proven yourself a Mountie ho!

[Kowalski manages to squeeze a series of rhythmical farts out of his tight jeans. Vecchio repeats the pattern more easily from his loose Armani. Kowalski and Vecchio break into laughter and run out into the street, where Benton Fraser, RCMP, is directing traffic.]

What's going on here?

[Kowalski, then Vecchio go through their rhythmical farting, but before Fraser can join in, Buck Frobisher appears and blows them all away. Everyone applauds and Turnbull brings Frobisher a cup of tea before standing next to Kowalski with a look of bliss on his face.]

Shut your Dago/Polock face, Mountie Fukka!
We all know you fuck your Mounties, Mountie fukka!

You're a Mountie fukka, You must confess!

Hey! At least I know how to dress!

Vecchio & Kowalski:
Mountie fuuuukka, that's me and you
I'm Ray! I am too!
Mountie FUKKA!!!!!!!!!!! Doo-mah!

Suck my balls.

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