Top Reasons Why Ray Vecchio and Benny Fraser Would Love New Orleans

10. The Maple Leaf Bar (on Oak Street) regularly features Walter Wolfman Washington.

9. Lots and lots and lots of crimes to solve!

8. Not even Thatcher would make her constables stand guard in red serge during New Orleans summers.

7. What with all the Voodoo priestesses and stuff, homosexual Catholics are considered mainstream.

6. Just about everyone here loves dogs and Dief would probably receive automatic citizenship. Otherwise, Ray could easily bribe someone for a real wolf's license.

5. Great taste on the part of New Orleanians has already resulted in the downfall of the Fashion Cafe and Planet Hollywood. You want great little Italian restaurants? We got 'em!

4. Just about everyone here likes old cars and the Riv would probably receive automatic citizenship.

3. Canadian bands welcome at Jazzfest.

2. Armani and Mountie boots would pretty much get their cover waived in any bar in town.

1. The French Quarter? Gayland.

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