Manna La Droit

BennyGnat considered the best point of entry.  The fruit was beautifully rotten, and had obviously been lying in the sun all day at the foot of the majestic peach tree.  He was certainly glad he'd come to Georgia on the back of the dog that had inadvertently killed his father, pestering the bitch with persistent but intermittent buzzing in the Labrador’s ear.

BennyGnat settled on the nicely brown and oozing spot to the base of the peach and moved in, wings humming in perfect unison.

"Hey, watch it!" an annoyed hiss instructed just as a lithe gnat buzzed past, entering the fruit just before him.

The peach was split through its center, the pit itself exposed to the elements.  Once BennyGnat passed through the opening, he discovered more than ample space for the several gnats already inside.  The gnat who'd insisted on entering right before him had found a soft, oozing bump in the succulent flesh and had his head half-buried in his lunch.  As BennyGnat watched, the hindquarters of the unknown gnat twitched in delight as he gorged himself.

*He must be really hungry,* BennyGnat thought, his soft gnat heart melting slightly at the sight of so much obvious pleasure.  For a gnat, his new friend -- for such did BennyGnat decide this strange insect was going to become -- really seemed to get a lot out of simple pleasures.

BennyGnat bent down for his own helping of the delicious peach flesh, and in so doing realized his compound eyes were running over the other gnat’s smooth abdomen, easily able to make out its gnat genitalia.  His new friend kept his body very clean, he noted with approval.

BennyGnat considered his options, once again feeling some sorrow that the life of a gnat is so short.  It often led to actions somewhat indelicate.  He would like to learn all the best parts of this peach, and take his new friend to his favorite spots before they both competed for the attentions of some lovely GirlGnat.  But time was, as it always would be, short.

So he buzzed up behind the half-submerged gnat and lightly stroked that smooth, now-swollen abdomen.

“What the --?”  The gnat removed his head from the peach flesh and turned.  “Oh, it’s you.”  The gnat’s wings fluttered in nervous energy.  The green foliage above them made a sheen on the gnat’s dark eyes.  “Sorry about that earlier.  I was just really starving, you know?  Since the stuff Ma left us got gobbled up, me and the sibs have been having a hell of a time finding something worth sinking our heads into, you know?”

“I’m BennyGnat.”

“Oh, sorry.”  More wing-buzzing.  “RayGnat.”

BennyGnat bounced slightly on his legs, an affirmation and acknowledgment, then lightly reached out his front legs, stroking RayGnat’s abdomen again.

RayGnat’s eyes peopled.  “Hey!  Watch that!  I mean, not that it’s not nice and all, but…”

BennyGnat buzzed his own wings soothingly and continued his stroking.  RayGnat twitched, then rolled over on his back, his legs glistening with peach juice as they twitched at random in the air.

“Oh, yeah…” RayGnat said.  “Oh, that’s the spot, gnat.  Right there.  Oh, yeah…”

BennyGnat moved in, pressing his own clean genitals to RayGnat’s, then rubbing them back and forth, back and forth, until the two of them both buzzed so wildly in pleasure they flew involuntarily apart, both of them landing smack on their backs among soft, rotting peach flesh.

“Whoo hoo!” a GirlGnat, whom they would both know later as MannaGnat, called out, her wings buzzing approval.  “Do that again!”

BennyGnat crawled over to RayGnat in concern, but his gnatfriend only got back on his feet, cleaned off his legs, and then reached over to stroke BennyGnat’s abdomen, stimulating him with almost magical efficiency.

“Sorry we can’t go out for rotten Chinese,” RayGnat said wickedly.  “But life’s short, you know?”

BennyGnat knew indeed.


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