What Would Robert Fraser Do?

What would Robert Fraser do
If he were here right now?
He'd arrest a man over caribou.
That's what Robert Fraser'd do.

When Robert Fraser was in Tuktoyuk,
Maintaining all the right,
He won his wife from his best friend Buck,
Hooray for great eyesight!

When Robert Fraser became a ghost
He ate all Beton's fries,
Then urged his son to stand his post
And ride 'cross clear Alberta skies!

So what would Robert Fraser do
If he were here today?
He'd chase his man and he'd get him too.
That's what Robert Fraser'd do!

I want the bad guys blown away,
Instead of my Riv -- no! That must sta-ay!

And I just want women to stop batting eyes at me.

Wolf! Wolf! Wolf wolf wolf!
Wolf wolf wolf wolf wooooooolf!

So let's get all the cops together!
And fill all the jails in town!
And we'll chase our man and we'll get him too,
'Cause that's what Robert Fraser'd do!

'Cause that's what Robert Fraser'd dooooooooo!

That's what Robert Fraser's do!

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