I Can Slash

People say that I'm a pervert.
They may be right.
They may be right.
Yet the right plot might make you convert.
And then they'll fuck!
Now, there's a sight.

And I can slash! I can slash!
Ray and Benny like the horizontal mombo.
The Cop and Mountie are a perfect little combo.
Any second now
They'll do it now
We'll see them doing it again!

It's not my fault that they're so sexy!
It's those green eyes!
Those blue eyes!
Now don't get tense with apopolexy,
Just 'cause they are
Such sexy guys!

And I can slash!
I can slash!
A little frottage or a bit of ol' fellatio!
It will balance out 'cause I know the best ratio!
Oh, here it comes.
And there they cum.
Just watch me now!
I'm slashing.

::instrumental music::

Oh yes indeed, indeed I'm slashing.

Indeed, indeed I'm slashing.


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